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05-Sep-2017 15:25

But, in a crazy way, seeing the negative 1994 reaction to their gayness made me less inclined to out myself. In retrospect, it was the most beautifully empowering statement they could have made, but at the time, I was horrified to see them holding hands at the mall where all my friends could see, or kissing at dinner, or putting their arms around each other at the movies. Now I love PDA (the amount of times I've seen the Bette and Tina elevator kiss scene in The L Word is embarrassing) but then, I didn't want them to be so open.

My dad had a rainbow flag on the back of his car, and I distinctly remember a handful of times someone screamed "Faggot" as they drove past us. Now, when I see gay couples of any age show that kind of affection, my heart swoons. I really loved my mom's partner, Kathy, like a mother and I still do, but it was hard during the early years before seventh grade. I started coming to the middle school to speak to prospective LGBT parents, and I babysat for all of their kids.

CP: Right, I still feel like people are more accepting of seeing two women kiss than two men.I liked Kathy but at first I didn't want to be different at school because I had two moms, so I referred to Kathy as my mom's "work partner" until about seventh grade.JW: Oh, I lied to everyone I knew about my dads for a VERY long time.I feel confident, but it does take courage still I think. JW: Yeah, even now I still feel like if my parents are anywhere but a major city, there is a visible stiffening from strangers whenever they're affectionate.

It's one thing to accept who you are, which I did long ago, but it's quite another to demand and expect acceptance from the world at large.Especially in a world of Prop 8, Arizona's SB 1062 laws, and Fox News.

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