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The Chabad outreach center [4] focuses on assisting the local Jewish population reconnect with their Jewish roots and (because Chabad is of the Chassidic Jewish tradition) it is a source for traditional Judaism in the Dominican Republic.

In Sosua, there is a small Jewish Museum next to the synagogue.

In addition, they also provide kosher meat in the Beth Yoseph style, and supervise a small-scale kosher bakery.

Beth Midrash Eleazar [3], the Sephardic Educational Center, caters to those Jews who are descendents of the Sephardic Jews that migrated to Hispaniola in colonial times and later.

The Dominican Republic was one of the very few countries willing to accept mass Jewish immigration during World War II.

At the Évian Conference, it offered to accept up to 100,000 Jewish refugees.

His travels eventually took him to the Dominican Republic, where he organized a congregation in Santo Domingo (Ciudad Trujillo) and began researching the history of Jews in the country.

His research covered much of the history of the Sephardic Jews there and documented the assimilation that the population went through (and was going through) during his time.

Included in his research is correspondence with Haim Horacio López Penha, a Dominican Jewish writer, who encouraged Ucko to write a history of the Jews in the Dominican Republic. Trujillo Molina, pledged the interest and cooperation of the government in support of Ucko's research.

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