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Sixty-five percent of Epi Pens (1 mg/m L epinephrine) and 56% of Epi Pen Jrs (0.5 mg/m L epinephrine) contained at least 90% of the stated amount of the drug, F.Lee Cantrell, Pharm D, and colleagues reported in the May 9 issue of The findings suggest the need for revisiting the process for determining the shelf life of epinephrine autoinjectors, the researchers said, adding that "in the setting of outpatient anaphylaxis without other therapeutic alternatives, patients and caregivers should consider the potential benefits of using an expired Epi Pen." But in an interview with , Cantrell said the take-away message from the study should not be that expiration dates on epinephrine autoinjectors can be ignored.

For best quality: * Use Old El Paso salsa, picante sauce, taco sauce, refried beans, whole beans, black bean dip, seasoning mixes, canned or jarred jalapeno peppers, and canned Spanish rice within 24 months of production.I will email the vendor for information, if they are uncooperative - I will list them as such.If this page is circulated via the email brigade, it may influence more vendors to code expiration dates in easy to understand English.This may be especially timely, he added, given the dramatic price increases of many prescription drugs in recent years.

Last summer, Epi Pen manufacturer Mylan angered patients, their families, and public health groups when it raised the price of a twin pack of the auto-injector to more than 0.I only provide an email addy (hotmail), first name (use any so they know a person is on other end of email), state and nearby zip code.