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12-Oct-2017 01:29

After I would write the answers, I noticed that I would hear additional thoughts come to my mind!

Thoughts of how this question applies to my life or how I can learn from it.

I really enjoyed the response to not preach but to just love them.

I never intend to preach, but sometimes the answer isn’t a handful of “preach” but an action of love, whether it’s just by showing up and serving or just a phone call.

I am grateful for this opportunity to hear from such great leaders.I’m glad I was able to hear that portion of the face-to-face.I had a great time watching the Face to Face event in my YSA Stake Center.Despite all of this, I made a choice a while back that I was going to be happy.

There are times when I have to remind myself of that choice every day or even multiple times a day.

So again, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you put some effort into making this a thing?

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