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09-Sep-2017 04:26

Added a new CMake Project Subsystem with 2-way synchronization Added support for accessing sources directly over SSHAdded support for Clang-Powered Static Code Analyzers Added support for non-SSH target transport plugins Added a 64-bit build of the Clang Intelli Sense Engine Improved usability of various common GUIAdded support for diagnosing Intelli Sense performance Added support for Intelli Sense-only precompiled headers Go-to-definition now tries to avoid cache rebuild when possible Background reparsing period is now chosen adaptively Improved performance of "Parsing References" stage Added support for "Peek Definition" Added a context menu command for renaming entities "override" auto-completion now works same way as in C# GCC warning pragmas can now be generated via smart tags Added support for parsing //TODO and other similar comments Improved support for parsing Doxygen and VS XML comments Added support for generating Doxygen comment block templates Added support for filtering redundant targets reported by CMake Fixed scrolling issues in quick navigation bar Added support for installing multiple versions of the same toolchain/BSPFile paths in .vcxproj files now use the $(BSP_ROOT) syntax Toolchain information is now stored globally and inherited by projects Added support for Team Settings Streamlined the embedded debug settings GUIAdded a workaround for VS2017 crashes with CMake project creation Added support for automatically importing STM32Cube MX and IAR projects Added an option to automatically step over interrupts in embedded code Added a graphical interface for verifying FLASH memory contents Added support for specifying C standard for new embedded projects Open OCD for ARM now shows progress when programming FLASHStreamlined the new remote host selection control Added support for embedded integration tests Added support for Chronometer Added support for automatically importing Keil projects Fixed compatibility issues with Kinetis KSDK 2.x Improved upgrading process for projects created with older versions Improved reliability of RTOS therading plugin mechanism Added support for profiling Linux projects Added support for viewing code coverage for Linux projects Added Dynamic Analysis for Linux projects Memory Explorer now shows function and stack sizes directly in code Advanced CMake Projects are now integrated with TFSChronometer now shows elapsed time directly in code Improved reliability of launching XMing when debugging X11 code Added convenient GUI for locating missing directories on target Googletest framework now allows grouping tests by class names Loading symbols via GDB Session window now updates call stack VS now shows breakpoints added via GDB Session window Unreadable subdirectories no longer break directory enumeration Added an option to specify the value for filling gaps in files Added a global list of excluded files and subdirectories for source uploading Visual GDB will no longer re-upload imported projects on first build Improved display of 64-bit modules and AMD64 registers Fixed coloring for numbers with Clang Intelli Sense Custom shortcuts can now rin in the background MSBuild templates now include additional settings Improved the usability of the Raw Terminal Settings page Fixed missing QMake PATH in newly created Qt project Unit tests now run on Windows 10 Linux Subsystem Visual Watch supports multi-graph CSV files Fixed semihosting window visibility bugs Files outside the main CMake project directory are now reported to SCCSTL type visualizer now shows std::unique_ptr Fixed changing MSBuild build host via Visual GDB Project Properties Fixed TFS building of .vgdbcmake projects Creating Linux projects from template no longer duplicates files Advanced CMake Project Subsystem now supports CMake 3.10Fixed toolchain substitution for MSBuild projects Fixed a bug with disabling 'multiple BSP versions' option Intelli Sense-only include paths are now stored relative to the project Vendor Samples with .a files are now created correctly Added automatic repair for invalid toolchain settings in projects Disabled --gap-fill option by default due to compatibility issues Improved handling for 'path too long' errors Optimized BSP updating process Added support for Android CMake projects Improved Natvis expression parser Added automatic diagnostincs for add-in loading issues Fixed list editor appearance on high-DPI screens Fixed escaping of mbed macros in Makefiles Linux MSBuild projects now support absolute source paths Added a workaround for incorrectly displayed modal windows Added extensibility API for displaying custom code annotations Added support for unit tests for Embedded, Linux and Android projects Significantly improved Clang Intelli Sense performance Clang Intelli Sense can now automatically repair missing include paths Find Symbol Results window is now WPF-based and no longer flickers Find All References now highlights variable assignments differently The .vgdbsettings files can now be moved arbitrarily Android Logcat window now has a quick filter Added an improved memory window Added support for switching embedded toolchains for existing projects Improved the performance of the Embedded Thread APIAdded support for MSBuild projects Added transparent Free RTOS support Added a new Real-Time Watch feature Added support for RSA SSH keys"Program Without Debugging" will now verify the FLASH memory contents Quick Debug now supports Linux cross-toolchains Fixed reference highlighting problems on dark theme Visual GDB Project Properties can now be opened as normal tabbed documents Added support for importing Embedded CMake projects Deployment and debug initialization is now done in background Remote Qt projects now automatically download generated header files Fixed advanced suggestion list display on high-DPI screens Natvis engine now automatically resolves typedefs Improved Natvis performance with large arrays and lists Default source code location can now be customized for each host Live variables now support arrays and structures Added support for profiling embedded ARM applications Added support for debugging Python code on Linux, Min GW and Cygwin Added support for mbed Quick Debug now supports embedded applications Simplified embedded device and toolchain selection in the project wizard Embedded and Linux projects can now be exported to project templates Added support for exportable custom action templates Added basic support for LLDB that is now shipped with Visual GDB Added support for natvis Added support for the "step into specific" command Added support for automatic Virtual Machine management via Vagrant Added support for debugging Docker containers Large toolchains and BSPs are now downloaded in multiple threads Improved the usability of Live Variables and Visual Watch Added support for selecting arbitrary external memories for embedded projects Added an improved navigation bar to code windows using Clang Intelli Sense Looking up matching sources for header files is now background Import Folder Recursively command can now automatically setup include search path Visual GDB now tries to check out files from VCS before modifying them Improved stability of automatic environment variable adjusting Added a Visual GDB Diagnostics Console (in View - Other Windows)Added transparent support for the 'signal' command Added suport for selecting a specific C/C version in Project Wizard Remote file/directory browser now remembers last used directory Sysroot synchronization now allows skipping arbitrary directories Optimized debugging performance for multi-thread applications Android Device Compatibility Center can now automatically test toolchains Added support for debugging Visual Studio 2015 Cross-platform Projects Added support for importing flavors from Gradle projects Improved the "Show Containing Type" command on Code Map Supported "Open Included File" and "Toggle Source/Header" commands Clang extension warnings are now disabled by default Added support for relocating Embedded BSP files to custom folders Ctrl-Shift-Insert now allows browsing clipboard history Embedded projects can now be easily opened by users with different settings Added support for specifying linker script explicitly Visual GDB now preserves the tool window order between debug sessions Added support for automatically breaking long SOURCEFILES lines Free RTOS and ST USB stack now works out-of-the-box for STM32 Device reset confirmation can now be disabled Improved compatibility with Visual Assist X Improved compatibility with dark color theme : Added support for importing CMake projects Clang Intelli Sense now supports Code Snippets Added support for transferring source subdirectories non-recursively Include/library path GUI now substitutes sysroot and project directory Added support for Visual Watch Go-to-definition in a pure virtual method now searches for overrides Supported creating cross-compiled Linux projects without connection to target Fixed issues with trying to upload the busy file Added support for automatic Samba setup on Cent OS7 Added support for auto-installing gdbserver if missing on target Improved installation performance Custom CFLAGS unsupported by Clang no longer cause error messages Improved Intelli Sense usability with aggressive suggestion mode enabled Added support for ignoring Intelli Sense errors within system directories Improved compatibility with the final release of VS2015 Live Varlables now remember the plot settings between debugging sessions Path mappings from referenced projects are now used to map paths in error messages Hexadecimal mode in debugger now affects typedefed character variables Added CMake integration Added integration with Android Studio Added ARM semihosting support Added support for Embedded Thread Plugins Added support for analyzing GDB command timing Added support for stepping into embedded entry point Added support for converting Embedded projects to stand-alone projects Added support for SSH host aliases and SSH connection searching Added automatic diagnostics of SSH environment problems Improved deployment experience Added support for Visual Studio 2015 Improved usability of Embedded Memory Explorer Custom Embedded projects now support flag editing via GUI Fixed vs-android debugger integration on Visual Studio 2012-2013 Added support for Android 4.4W Added support for attaching to isolated Android processes Added support for attaching to existing Android tool instances Added a button to reset Embedded programs GDBServer failing to bind to a port now leads to an interactive fix dialog Temporary directory can now be customized for each host Cross-compiled Qt projects now support sysroot synchronization Added support for STM32L0 devices Fixed armeabi-v7a issues when debugging Custom APK files Imported projects won't try to upload .opensdf files by default Fixed a bug with missing single quotes in GDB strings Added detection of known problems with old versions of tar Fixed a bug with launching gdbserver on machines with custom SSH port Changing local source directory no longer breaks Makefile settings page Fixed incompatibility with the My SQL plugin Fixed bugs in QMake flag editing page Added a workaround for Android library symbol loading problems Added support for Android 5.0 Fixed compatibility issues with Visual Kernel Cleaning projects no longer shows errors when target directory is missing Fixed various issues related to CMake settings editing Fixed CMake problems on Cygwin Breakpoints in downloaded source packages are now set correctly Launching Android projects without debugging now checks secondary EABI Fixed flag editing for stand-alone embedded projects Detaching from Android apps now leaves apps running Changing MCU in an embedded project is now faster Fixed the 'see output window for more details' message on errors Fixed Gradle build and manifest finding problems Added support for Cubieboard toolchain Fixed shared folder removal on Windows 8.x Added a Raw Terminal window to simplify debugging of embedded projects Added Embedded Memory Explorer to control RAM/ROM usage Added integration with Cocos2d-x for Android Added an Android file manager Added support for quickly importing an entire folder to Visual Studio solution Added support for controlling signal handling via Debug-Exceptions menu Significantly improved GUI appearance on high-DPI screens Added basic Intelli Sense support for Makefiles Significantly improved usability of the Hardware Register window Added a register layout visualizer for hardware registers Visual GDB now supports launch without debugging Added support for signing release builds of Android apps Added support for creating and debugging native Android tools Custom build/debug steps can now transfer files to/from Android devices All necessary Android packages can now be installed in one step Visual GDB won't redeploy an App to the same device if it was not modified Added basic Free BSD support Added support for customizing gdbserver executable and environment Remote program console now supports pausing and saving Improved handling of file transfer errors for Linux projects Visual GDB can now automatically search for toolchain/BSP updates Added support for IPv6 Visual GDB can now automatically kill previous process instance on Linux Shared folder setup can now be done with sudo Added transparent support for pkg-config Installing . Net 4.0 is installed Build settings now allow changing target name and type Added support for searching/filtering text in GDB Console window Importing large projects to Solution Explorer is now much faster Significantly improved the performance of -file-list-exec-source-files Fixed crashes caused by Embedded Registers window C toolchain testing now uses CXXFLAGS instead of CFLAGS Added support for Cocos2dx 3.1 Raw terminal settings editor now supports testing connection Raw terminal can now automatically convert LF to CRLF Visual GDB Project Properties now work even if Solution Explorer is hidden Fixed a bug where some generic custom actions required Android license Fixed bugs with transferring same source directory to multiple machines Trying to update source list in a read-only makefile now produces a warning Fixed a bug where some threads were not shown in the Threads window Embedded Memory Explorer now shows C methods correctly Fixed problems with killing previous instances of a multi-threaded program Fixed issues with merging signal handling settings from VS project settings Fixed issues with removing configurations on imported projects 'Detach all' command on an embedded project now leaves the target running Added a workaround for SSH reliability issues with parallel builds Changing shared folder settings in one VS window affects all other ones Fixed shared folder issues on domain-joined computers Fixed shared folder issues with Ubuntu 14 Executable name is now set correctly when importing custom Linux projects Fixed Launch Without Debugging issues for configurations with deployment Fixed issues with editing existing SSH connection settings Added support for cross-compiling QT apps on Raspberry PI Added support for building QT5 apps on Linux Added support for Beaglebone boards Added support for Visual Studio 2013 Improved Visual GDB Project Properties dialog Added support for defining custom per-project shortcuts Added support for programming Embedded devices without debugging Improved NEON register view in Android Creating project configurations automatically adds solution configurations Quick Debug now allows specifying environment VS-Android projects can now be debugged with F5 Fixed Memory window bugs Visual GDB Project Properties command is now shown for vs-Android projects Fixed project cleaning issues for cross-compiled QT projects Missing QT5 libraries on Ubuntu 13.x are now detected correctly Fixed solution configurations when using Project-Compiler settings can be conveniently configured via Project Properties Makefiles now support arbitrary amount of independent configurations Intelli Sense is automatically synchronized with changes to compiler settings Greatly simplified Embedded and Windows project wizards Improved usability of Embedded Project Properties Added support for custom per-user project variables Easy porting: add Linux configurations to Windows projects and vice versa Android build settings are now easily editable via Project Properties dialog Sysroot can now be easily synchronized when using cross-compiler toolchains GDB is now launched under 'sudo' when attaching to Linux processes Custom steps can now be added to all project types with Custom Edition Source transfer command can now transfer selected subdirectories Added support for STM32 microcontrollers Added support for Segger J-Link debugger Fixed inline build errors Disable 'info target' for old GDB versions that does not support it correctly Fixed problems with custom build/debug steps pages Added support for Open OCD debugger Added support for building Android projects using cygwin tools Fixed a bug with running gdbserver without specifying deployment host Added a button to conveniently reload all cached includes directories Build commands can now be skipped when no file changes are detected Individual custom actions can now be temporarily disabled Fixed compatibility issues with latest Android bundle Fixed problems with QT projects Added support for ST-Link devices Fixed user variable expansion in various settings Added support for 'Step into new instance' command Added support for debugging arbitrary APK files Added support for creating and debugging core dumps Can now import set build variables from external files XMing is now auto-installed if missing Added support for running X11 programs on the main host display Added support for pthread_setname_np() for Android Fixed the 'cannot set controlling terminal' bug Added support for creating QT projects Added support for copying and saving Linux program output Added debugging options for vs-android projects Added support for copying and saving logcat contents Improved compatibility with Mac OS Fixed post-debug command sequence bug in custom configurations Fixed variable substitution bug in file copying commands Conditional and hit-count breakpoints are handled correctly from start Improved general stability Fixed Android thread name detection for emulator builds Improved installation speed of Android tools Fixed Intelli Sense cache problems for SSH hosts with explicitly specified port Fixed Intelli Sense issues with Visual Studio 2012 C -specific include directories are now detected correctly Added full support for building and debugging over SSH. Visual GDB can now automatically manage SMB shares. Min GW32 and Min GW64 can now be auto-installed with one click Added out-of-the-box support for Raspberry PIThe Visual GDB Project Properties window now supports quick search. Built-in XTerm-compatible terminal based on Smar TTY Fixed compatibility issues with the new Android tools Added support for HAXM. You can now tweak Visual GDB via Tools-Automatic removal of previous app instances with mismatching signatures Android menus are shown properly for solutions opened from command line SMB password is now automatically set when creating remote samba shares Fixed auto-detection of the new ADT bundle The "debugging ended without breakpoints" warning shows program output Fixed include directory caching bug when using build server New SSH console instances can now be opened from SSH console window Fixed "Debug-Visual GDB projects can now be debugged with F5Added a special "Quick debug" feature for Win32 and Linux applications Added easy attaching to Windows and Linux processes Missing source files are now auto-downloaded from the Linux machine Added interactive breakpoint diagnostics feature for Linux and Android Improved path mapping editor Fixed ANDROID_SDK_ROOT bug Fixed unloaded project bug Fixed crashes on VS2012 when debugging 16-bit MCUs Added support for removing generated ANT files for Android projects Improved the sending of source files to Linux machines Visual GDB now distinguishes main thread and worker threads Added support for browsing source files discovered by GDBAndroid startup activity is now determined correctly Win32 and Linux projects can now be easily converted to full-custom Added /v command line option for verbose build output Added support for Android 4.2Added an interactive Source Cache Manager Added support for Android 4.1 (including the linker bug workaround)Added support for running Linux apps in a separate terminal window. Added support for advanced binary directory cleaning. Note: 2008 and older issues are only available as files.On most versions of windows you must first save these files to your local machine, and then unblock the file in order to read it.People should have the following security guideline tattooed on the inside of their eyelids: Never keep plain text passwords in memory.The reason the WPF/Silverlight Password Box doesn't expose a DP for the Password property is security related.

Keeping your password in plain text on the client machine RAM is a security no-no.

My 2 cents: I developed once a typical login dialog (user and password boxes, plus "Ok" button) using WPF and MVVM. Yes, technically it is code behind, but it is nothing more than a "special case" binding. Note that it is a Secure String, not just a string.

I solved the password binding issue by simply passing the Password Box control itself as a parameter to the command attached to the "Ok" button. This solved a huge problem I had with moving the data from the UI thread to the main program thread. The View Model still has no knowledge of the View implementation, which in my mind it does if you are trying to pass the Password Box in to the View Model. With this method, your password remains in a Secure String at all times and therefore provides maximum security.

What's the point of making that one thing hard when there're so many other ways to steal passwords?

Atleast WPF should've allowed the use of Secure String like @Bryant said.Simplified debugging Linux applications with gdbserver. A project can now be configured to attach to a process instead of launching. Improved usability of the project wizard Added support for browsing directories on remote Linux machines Improved static library debugging experience Added automatic GCC flag diagnostics to Visual GDB wizard Fixed $(Project Dir) bug with error messages Simplified importing code from a remote Linux machine Improved error reporting and diagnostic messages for full-custom configurations Added STL container visualization Android Edition can now debug code executed on startup Changing debugged program arguments is now easier Optimized -var-list-children calls Can cancel frozen GDB commands on Android Can explicitly terminate Android app on exit Provided workaround for armeabi-v7a deployment bug Importing include directories no longer requires Solution folders are now supported correctly. Added a workaround for incomplete Android activity names in manifest files. Added an option to disable absolute GDB paths Added support for sending emulated Ctrl-C events to GDBAuto-generated makefiles now support assembly files If GDB hangs during startup, the user can abort debugging session Added support for gdb 7.4.